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About Us

Neak Ta Pradal Serey

Try our gym with no sign up pressure. We have one of the highest skilled coaches in the Ottawa region. We are a small private gym offering quality over quantity! 

We are the only school in Canada that offers traditional Pradal Serey kickboxing, We offer a unique martial art style compared to other Ottawa gyms. The curriculum includes traditional throws, clinch, striking and ground wrestling that originate from the Khmer warriors. 

Neak Ta is a guardian of the land and people. Pradal Serey means freedom fighting arts.

If you have a Muay Thai background and need an upgrade, you might want to try our unique stance and style. The most common stance in Muay Thai is the Horse stance where as we do the Dragon (Neak) stance.  This style will be a great addition to your fighting skills should you compete in kickboxing or MMA events.  


The ancient Neak Ta clans’ robes were black and red and as a tribute, our gym colours and training Gi’s share the same markings. Learn the martial art that was unique to the clan from Cambodia that dominated South East Asia. Ottawa gyms have many things to offer however we are known for our rare clinch techniques. We have people from other cities travelling to train in our unique fighting style.

The Team


Sam Lok

The head Kru (teacher), Kru Sam Lok, was born in Serey Sophon, Cambodia and after fleeing the killing fields he ended up in Canada. He is very well versed in the martial art and brings a wealth of knowledge, technique, spirituality and history. Taught in the 80's by grandmasters Kru Veasna Choom, Kru Chay Cheas, and Kru Nimith Nhean an older version of Pradal Serey called Neak Ta Pradal Serey.

Rodrigo Gorga

Rodrigo Gorga is a Black belt under Rodrigo Fajardo of Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu from Curitiba, Brazil; he has been training under Gracie Barra BJJ for 10 years and is currently exclusively teaching at Neak Ta.

You will learn authentic BJJ techniques whether your goal is to train for fitness, fun or competition.

Triet Nguyen

Triet Nguyen is our boxing coach who trained at Wild Card Boxing in Hollywood with Frank and Freddie Roach who are well known for training Manny Pacquiao and other boxers to MMA fighters.

Dmitry Ushkanov

Dmitry Ushkanov is currenty training UFC's youngest fighter Raul Rosas Jr who won his debute UFC 282 Dec 10 Prelims in the first round.

Dmitry trained with and coached UFC fighters to Glory fighters, He has over 180 fighting experience. Fought pro in Muay Thai lumpinee stadium to MMA.
He was the Muay Thai striking coach for UFC's Tyson Griffin when he knocked out Urijah Faber ending his 8 fight win streak in 2005!
Over 100 fights in Muay Thai in Bangkok, Thailand, USA, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Cambodia.

USA vs. World team match winner Bangkok, Thailand 2002.· Champion of Europe 2003 WAKO (Italy)·

USKBA Action Sport Champion 2004 (Gold medal),(New Jersey, USA)·

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